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Illustrating my way up the Ladder

Since leaving university and entering the workplace, being in a marketing role, I spend a lot of time working closely with designers. Whether they be graphic designers, web designers or developers. As much as I adore being able to utilize their fabulous tools and  amazing creative ability, I would like to be able to cut out the middle man at times and do some design work myself.

1 year on and No Progress

Last week it hit me that it had been almost 1 year since I graduated and all I had done to make this dream a reality was purchase the Adobe Creative Suite 6.

Cheat Alert I purchased the Creative Suite from tt-exchange which sells a catalogue of donated technology for the UK third sector. The Creative Suite is more than enough for what I actually needed, howwever at only £100 its fantastic value. Included in the package is;  Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Fireworks, Acrobat X Pro, Bridge, Media Encoder.

The Learning

In order to carry out the tasks that are most useful to a marketing person, such as create logos, flyers or banners for social media, Adobe Illustrator is needed. And if you have ever seen any of these programs in action you will know they can be quite scary and seem very complex at first. After a couple of months of winging it, and failing misably, I decided to invest in some professional help.

More Shopping?

I shopped around trying to find a reasonably priced package for the third sector, however it seems there are few organisation in Scotland offering Adobe training, and ever fewer who are actually Adobe Certidfied (meaning they have been officially recognized by adobe as being an expert). I spoke to a number of private organisations who provided a price, a number of them provided a discount when they learned I worked in the thrid sector. However, even after this discount the prices still seemed quite steep. I then came across a 10 week course at The City of Glasgow College named Adobe Illustrator: An Intoduction, priced at just £120 I booked my place then and there and yesterday I had my very first class.

I love it, I love it, I love it! 

After one class I am feeling fantastic, I can’t wait to get back into the classroom next Tuesday! Take a look at the little fishy we created after just two hours of teaching.


Today I couldn’t resist trying out my new skills again and decided to try to create an animation of an iPad, I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but I am quite pleased with what i ended up with…


Double Cheat Alert I used a guide on WikiHow to create the watermark, again using Illustrator. The font I used was downloaded for free from and is called Riesling.

I have been trying this evening to create a logo for this site as well, however my skills are not quite ready to master what I have in mind yet. I will get there though so keep checking back and you might be welcomed by some beautiful new branding.

Making my mark on the Commonwealth

Here we are in the year of the Commonwealth.

I find myself, someone who has never been very patriotic, doing all that I can to be involved in our countries moment in the spot light.

Digital Learning in Scotland. Thanks to the Digital Common Wealth.

digcw2014-launch-image-02-620x350 MainLogo2

Today I am advancing my digital skills at a Digital Common Wealth workshop, this event has been arranged by the absolutely lovely Jennifer. Todays workshop is aimed at using blogging platforms, such as this very one, to tell our Commonwealth stories over the next few month. This is number one of four, we are in a computer lab in the University of the West of Scotland’s Ayr campus. Over the next four weeks we will be advancing our storytelling skills through the use of video, audio and social media.

Dancing? Auditioning? Am I Crazy?

So how else am I getting involved… well I am trying my very best to be involved in the opening and closing ceremonies, and tomorrow I have an AUDITION to become a part of one of the dancing team. By the way, I cannot dance! I am thee most uncoordinated indivual you will ever meet. But i am willing to make a complete fool of myself to be a part of the Commonwealth ceremonies.

How amazing would it be ? I imagine being there on the day would be absolutely magical. Wish me luck.

Would you like a taste of what I have been learning today?

If you couldn’t make it along to any of the Digital Common Wealth Story telling workshops don’t fret, social media will save the day, again! You can watch some of the action from the workshops on the Digital Common Welath Youtube channel, below is a link to just one of these short films starring Jennifer Jones.